The Top Things You Need To Know To Treat & Repair Damaged Hair!

It’s the question that we all want to know the answer to, how to fix damaged hair?! There are so many fun and creative things we can do with our hair these days, from styling to colouring and all the in between, and by all means it’s the best part about hair, it is a way to express ourselves and have a little fun! But with the fun can come dryness, frizziness and the split ends. So to save our little locks or prevent future damage from happening we thought we would share some handy tips.
Why professional products?
Firstly, let’s start with the basics. Shampoo and conditioner, what are you using on your hair in the shower? This is where it begins, professional products are a must for healthy hair! They are made with much higher quality ingredients and the right ingredients for the right hair types. You might be using a non professional product and still feeling as though your hair is shiny and smooth, unfortunately its not real, most of these products are overdosed with cheap detergents and silicons, leaving the outside layer of the hair to possibly feel nice but doing nothing for the core of your hair, the part that needs to most loving.
So step 1 for healthy hair, invest in your products.
Be gentle with your wet hair,
Our hair when wet is always in its weakest form, and the potential of damage gets increasingly higher. So handle with a lot of love, never try to rip your brush through all those nots. We recommend using a wide tooth comb in the shower to gentle comb through your conditioner before rinsing, this will always make a big difference. When drying your hair with a towel, always gentle squeeze the moisture out, no intense rubbing or scuffing. No tying your hair back with any rubber bands when your hair is wet will always make a big difference as well.
Your hair needs moisture,
Embrace the leave in’s, dry hair needs moisturiser! We often like to compare it with our skin, it gets dry and cracked if we don’t moisturise, our hair does too and lack of moisture is a massive contributing factor to damaged hair. A leave in will also always help with helping your hair be much more manageable.
Always say yes to Olaplex or Smartbond,
There is absolutely no denying that these two products are liquid gold. They have allowed us as hair dressers to create amazing colours with minimal or no damage. To put it simply, when we bleach/colour hair we are breaking the bonds in our hair. The power of Olaplex and Smartbond rebuild and strengthen those bonds whilst colouring to prevent further damage happening. When continuing to use either product at home it will continue to rebuild the bonds and prevent further damage from happening. The advice from us as professionals, is these products are irreplaceable and should be in every shower. The difference in colouring is insane and it allows us as hairdressers and you at home to create the beautiful, shiny and healthy hair that everyone loves.
So the New Year calls for healthy hair, its time to give it some TLC! If you are after any further advice we are here to help.
Until next time,
Cropt x